I get the same sob story from buyer’s every day…They want to purchase a home but for months have lost in multiple offer bids. I do feel bad about their situation. So, in an effort to help, I ask them what’s their strategy to buy a home? What are they doing to ‘look’ for a home? And the common response is…

  • “I check for new listings on Realtor.ca.”
  • “I drive around and visit Open Houses.”
  • “I have several Realtors e-mailing me new listings.”

Does this sound familiar? Maybe it’s what you are doing to look for a home? This Home Hunting strategy would be fine if we were in a Buyer’s Market…but we are not!

If this is what you are doing to look for a home then these are the obstacles and challenges you are facing…

  • The house you like is sold before you get a chance to see it.
  • The house you like is sold and you didn’t even know it was For Sale.
  • If you do get a chance to put an offer then you risk overpaying with Multiple offers.
  • Your bid keeps losing in multiple offers.

You see, you are probably not seeing ALL the available properties For Sale and in many cases you won’t even have an opportunity to see the house you want, let alone be in a position to buy it.

Everyone knows we are in a Seller’s Market, there are more Buyer’s than homes for sale, and it doesn’t matter why, but absolutely your Home Hunting strategy needs to change. You need to take into account that it’s a Competition.

In a Seller’s Market your Home Hunting strategy must tap into The HIDDEN MARKET. Basically, you want to see properties before they come on the market or to see properties that no other Buyer’s are aware are For Sale? This would be a tremendous advantage over your competition (other Buyers) and it’s how we at TeamSessa.ca are successfully helping our Buyer clients buy homes.

We’ve changed our Buying Strategy in this market to take full advantage of The Hidden Market and so should you.

Truth be told, it’s not just the public using the wrong Home Hunting strategy but also many Realtors as I hear the same sob stories from them. They complain how they’ve spent many months trying to find a home for a particular client but keep losing out in multiple offer situations. Therefore, it’s more important than ever to align yourself with an Agent experienced in taking advantage of The Hidden Market.

"We are living in our Dream House..."

If you're focus is on Buying, understand it's a competition and buyers are lining up. In today's market having access to properties before they appear on the MLS and/or buying without competing in multiple offers is crucial. We can do both.

I don’t mind taking a few minutes to explain for you in detail how the Hidden Market works. Give me a call or text me at (647) 298-5491 and let’s have a chat. Of course, there is never any obligation or pressure and this would be time well spent.

 Happy House Hunting,